• Bye-bye cool blogosphere...

    Bye-bye, goodbye cool Mokono blogosphere... see you around at the pool tomorrow, come over with friends!


    These blogs were special to me, it was the time when my sister lived in Italy with her family and my mom and dad lived on the East coast of Canada while I was living on the West coast… the past two years, a lot has changed. I move on the East to be closer to my parents, and just after last Christmas my sister has also moved to the East cost of Canada. Within our busy lives we have had such a great time reading each other and contributing fun topics to feel closer. Recently I found out that these blogs are moving to WORDPRESS – I’m not sure that I will move over there, because I’m too busy for now… but I might sometime in the future.


  • It's so illogical to die!

    Live long in memory and prosper in memories forever! It's absolutely illogical to die, already!

    live long-prosper
    A fast inkwash... made by me

    Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Spock, dead at 83

    Leonard Nimoy, the actor, author and director best known for his portrayal of the ultra-logical character Spock in the TV series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83.

    His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed to the New York Times that her husband died Friday morning at their Los Angeles home of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy said last year that he had been diagnosed with lung disease and was "doing OK."

    Actor, author and director died of of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    The Associated Press Posted: Feb 27, 2015 12:18 PM ET Last Updated: Feb 27, 2015 3:04 PM ET

    Bigger version of the inkart I made

  • Toronto ice storm

    Our Christmas festivity and family gathering is ruined this year. I just heard from a few relatives that live outside our region, they can't come over, flights are cancelled and roads are extremely dangerous, especially the ones coming from Toronto are even without power for 24 hours now... this is how it looks like, check the frozen winter gallery snapshot at the link below, it's terrifying!

    1 tree down power lines

    Power lines and trees are down throughout the city making for a busy day for Toronto Police.

    Toronto ice storm: Power outages down by 35%

    Mayor Ford says 'we've got a lot of good news' regarding storm recovery

    Hydro crews are gradually restoring power to tens of thousands of Toronto customers following a weekend ice storm that coated city roads and sent tree limbs falling onto cars, homes and power lines.

    By Monday evening, Toronto Hydro reported that 195,000 customers were still without power, but that figure was only two-thirds the number affected in the city at the height of the storm.

    CBC News Posted:

    Dec 23, 2013 9:05 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 23, 2013 8:47 PM ET

  • Smiling Words

    Since today is such a cold and snowy day, what else is there to do but write some uplifting words...

    poem smiling words


    Such untold love and smiles,
    if not, it's just for springtime,
    keeping up through summertime,
    erstwhile dying off during Autumn,
    and well dormant through winter,
    and to come up again, later again,
    reviving flower blooms through rain.


    (another little poem)

    A Spring Smile
    by YUbin @ Wednesday, Apr. 10, 2013 – 08:05:10 pm

  • All women band

    If you have a choice to pick between two all-women-show, which one would you pick, the Celtic Women or the Girls aloud? I find both cool! Girls Aloud aren't like the "Celtic Women" however they are both great for entertaining Vegas shows!!

    celtic women

    Girls Aloud were an English-Irish pop girl group

    Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up
    (and Concert Closing, live at the Slane Castle)

    Lucas Cunha: Uploaded on Aug 2, 2011
    Live performance of Celtic Woman during concert at Slane Castle - Ireland.
    From "A New Journey" tour. Concert Closing

    Celtic Woman - Orinoco Flow

    Uploaded on May 25, 2007

    Info and Tour Dates:

    Celtic Woman 2005

    Song: Orinoco Flow
    Singers: Órla Fallon, Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, Lisa Kelly



  • The Peace Postcard

    The ever lasting copycat effect: everyone writes a peace poem within an image. I don't know who started it this week but here it goes. Mind you, every post has to be unique and certainly from the heart.

    ` ` dove peace postcard ` `


    So much talk about 'Peace' and 'Love'
    it's like sending someone a nice postcard,
    you wish it good and peace is included.

    Peace the almighty, over-used word,
    depending on moods around the world.

    Observe the mood as harmony abounds!
    Peace the almighty, over-used word,
    depending on moods around the world.

    There's no secret password for such love,
    just various loving citizens entwined...


  • Connecticut's school shooting

    The worst school shooting: First of all my heart goes out to all the parents and family for losing their kids in such a horrendous way. I wanted to get this up yesterday but I couldn't stop crying, the good part was that my parents took care of my two kids while I shed all the tears on my husband's shoulder till it was totally soaked. It's so sad, there are no words to describe it all, it just broke my heart!

    US capitol half-mast

    As gunshots reverberated through an elementary school in Connecticut on Friday, children huddled in the corners and closets where desperate teachers had tried to hide them from the gunman who had invading their school.

    Presently the question raises again: is it guns the problematic issue or it is the American societal uneasiness within the society whereas indoctrination is high with the mindset conveying that violence solves problems and guns gives you empowerment? What is seen on TV is generally in cop-shows are guns and violence, and in movies, and of course kids grow up with terribly violent videos. In Europe violence on TV is controlled and sexy movie is allowed, in North America it's the opposite... murderous scenes are absolutely public on every TV, movie and computer screen as well, I think that's a major brain-teaser. - if anyone know why let me know...


    Should new gun-laws be changed?

    Related articles:

    Heroes of Newtown: Sandy Hook principal died lunging at gunman, others shielded students with their bodies

    Video and images and "Names and ages of the Newton shooting victims":

    All the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting were shot several times at close range from a rifle, said the state's chief medical examiner.

    Connecticut victims shot multiple times, says medical examiner

    Suspect, 20, killed mother, then 26 children and adults at school in tight-knit community

    CBC News Posted: Dec 15, 2012 6:27 AM ET
    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2012 8:18 PM ET

  • Too busy all the time

    Over the head busy for the next few days to the end of July, here is why!!

    birthday cake 2011

    Today I baked my birthday cake for Tuesday, huge square one just like in this pix above but taller with five layers, it’s all done except for the decoration which I’m doing tomorrow.

    Traditionally we never buy ready made cakes, and usually my mom does it, but she pours in too much sugar and cognac and my two children hate it!

    Everything else will be served by the caterer – everything but the cake!! Big time-party; my sister is flying in from Italy for the occasion with the family, her husband and two of the kids are already here at the common cottage they usually rent when they come over, and the good news is, they will be staying until the end of July! Happy Summertime everyone!!

    Here are some examples of the cake decoration but I’m not too sure what I will be doing … lots of fun with the kids…

    Cake Decorating -
    - Daisies My Way by Glenda Galvez

    How to make a whimsical flower

    How To Make A Gumpaste Petunia Flower


  • Art: Nature Collage

    These pictures are the result of a collage lesson I got from Nelly's online art-workshop. The main basic process is to use scraps you may find in your home, sprinkle it with some water, take snapshots with your camera as close as possible and manipulate a finish touch with some photoshop! As you may see, I used a bit of nature as well. I do hope you like it! ♥

    evergreen 4hearts

    Since most conifers are evergreens, the leaves of many conifers are long, thin and have a needle-like appearance, but others, including most of the Cupressaceae and some of the Podocarpaceae, have flat, triangular scale-like leaves. They are monoecious, subdioecious or (rarely) dioecious trees and shrubs from 1–116 m (3–379 ft) tall. The bark of mature trees is commonly orange- to red- brown and of stringy texture, often flaking or peeling in vertical strips, but smooth, scaly or hard and square-cracked in some species.


  • Miss Piggy and Kermit

    When my kids saw that my friend Kaye did the drawing of this amazing couple, Miss Piggy and Kermit they shrieks of joy!!

    Miss Piggy and Kermit drawing done by Kaye the best portraitist online!!

    Miss-Piggy and Kermit

    Timelaps Video about the drawing with the rainbow song!

    We will be going to see The Muppets movie which is a 2011 American musical and comedy film, and the first Muppets theatrical release in 12 years, as well as the first Disney-produced Muppets film since 1996's Muppet Treasure Island

    Production and filming for the movie began in late 2010, with the first set photos emerging in December 2010. The November 12, 2010, issue of Entertainment Weekly featured a spread about the new Muppet movie, including a summary of the film's concept, quotes from Segel and Bobin, the first images of Walter, and new photos of the Muppets with Jason Segel.

    Have you seen the movie, did you like it?



  • Should the Moon Fairy fall off?

    To entertain my children I came up with this old song which I used in a children's story that isn't all done yet. I'm still working on it to refine a few things with some drawing I did. So far only my friends; Dapheulia and Nelly have read most of it as I rely on them for advice.

    fairy moon

    A fairy falling off the moon

    This old song's movie montage was animated by Nelly, and sung by me. It's the story of a sad fairy that stood alone on the moon as she fell into when she was born. The fairy is wondering if she had a happier life if she fell off the moon

    as seen on Vimeo

    As seen on youtube as well

    Should the Moon Fairy fall off?




  • Madonna high-fives God

    Some fashion and philosophy doesn't hurt anyone: In a demonstration of her considerable powers, Madonna high-fives 'God' at the Venice Film Festival. Isn't that special? I'm astonished that Madonna thinks to be special because "God" might love her and not all the miserable children that are neglected, dying from malnutrition and misery, if there is a God wouldn't he want to look at them first instead of a pop-singer? She has been to Africa and seen how miserable people are there, not?


    In spite of this I LOVE her Butterfly dress, more different angel-snapshots of it can be seen at the link below! Some fashion and philosophy won't hurt, anyone?

    Madonna's metamorphosis: Fresh-faced star flutters around the red carpet in a butterfly dress

    Last updated at 3:33 PM on 2nd September 2011

    She already debuted a fresh-faced appearance at a photo-call this morning to which she arrived looking glowing and wrinkle-free.

    And Madonna's metamorphosis into a youthful butterfly was complete just hours later, when she fluttered around on the red-carpet for the premiere of her directorial début W.E, at the 68th Venice Film Festival.

    The 53-year-old looked ravishing in a floor-length dove-grey gown adorned with red butterflies, created especially for the star by Italian designer Vionnet.

    Read more:

  • Farewell poem

    A farewell thought for my sister and her loving family!!

    . . . . . me alone

    Farewell, see you soon!

    Summer is all gone and you've been packing to leave
    Although you just left, you are already dearly missed.

    You have made an empty space filled with happiness
    Now that I feel lonely it is because you’ve been absent

    How will I fill such emptiness after you've been gone?
    How will I be satisfied with smiling inner contentment?

    When you will be gone and busy with your hectic life
    and not have time to stumble upon your email to write to me…

    I wonder if I might be just the same, busy as you are,
    next thing I might discover that it's time to meet again



  • Jack Layton's sudden death

    No words can be said for someone that unexpected dies as Jack Layton did. Everyone knew that he was sick, but he surely did not show it at all during the campaign. I'm glad that he saw his goal flourish with success and hopefully it will continue for the NDP.

    Aislin Jack

    I did not vote for him, but it's good that our parliament get more opponent voicing their opinion for a good balance. I hardly had the time to watch his funeral on TV but I was told it was out of this world and it showed that people care for him and most probably his legacy.

    AUDIO on the CBC current "moving on without Jack":

    The Future of the NDP

    It was one week ago today that Canadians woke up to the news of the death of Jack Layton. In tribute after tribute, many who'd never met the federal NDP leader said nonetheless--they felt like they "knew" him. Few actually knew Jack Layton better than Stephen Lewis. He was a friend, and mentor to Layton.

    A man--who like Layton--was an NDP leader who in the 1970s propelled his Ontario party from hinterland to official opposition. We talk to him about how much of the federal NDP's electoral success was built on the power of Layton's personality. And how the official opposition now moves forward without its charismatic leader.

  • Virginity tests and iron chastity belt?

    Is Egypt (the Land of ancient history and Pharaoh) going back into the Middle Ages and women are about to wear an iron chastity belt to be considered a good girl or a good woman? When I first heard it on TV, I thought I misunderstood, I could not believe that people in Egypt have been in the streets protesting for Liberty and getting this in return! Then when I looked it up, and there it was, the entire outrage from women and men, read below if you haven't heard about it yet...


    Activists have demanded the authorities in Egypt prosecute anyone responsible for subjecting protesters to alleged virginity tests earlier this year.

    The pressure comes after CNN quoted an Egyptian general as acknowledging that the military had conducted such tests.

    The general said checks were carried out so the women would not later claim they had been raped by authorities.

    Amnesty International, which first reported the checks in March, called the comments abusive and insulting.

    The human rights group said 18 female protesters arrested after army officers cleared Tahrir Square on 9 March were detained, beaten and given electric shocks.

    1 June 2011 Last updated at 11:49 ET

    Egypt 'virginity tests' decried

    The tests are said to have happened after the military cleared protesters from Tahrir Square

    Continue reading the main story


  • Family is Merging

    Happy Mother's day to all the loving mothers! First of all my mom, then my grandmother and also my mother in-law for having such a wonderful man, that also tremendously loves his family!


    For me family is the most important thing, I cannot live without them, merging my baby family with the huge older family... and you know it, this is why I moved closer to them, so - stop whining!!

    Check the animated VIDEO I created for the occasion!! That animated charters is Paul sending you all a message!!

    Family is merging

    Uploaded by Dedorru on Apr 30, 2011

    My mom always says that I was a nice kid that always made her proud, and just the same goes for both of my kids... they make me so proud too!



  • Appeasement to all around the world!

    What's up world? Why so much pain and icy feelings?

    It's been a while since I have written how I feel about the tremendous turmoil the world is going through these days. Holding an icy-heart with "Peace" written in Japanese...


    Across the world citizens suffer from bloody revolution in the Arab world and tremendous earthquakes in Asia, whereas Canada and other western countries have to be involved to appease these hurt and angry feelings a lot of citizens are going through. I think - we have to hold-on together as some aren't able to sit-down and discuss their problems in a more appropriate way.

    While some blogger stir things up for the worst other are trying to get out good vibes with poetry and songs... here below is my little contribution and thoughts! If you want; you may add to it! My sister Delphine started the chain with her dramatic poem in a video and the chain continues... keep me updated!


    Best wishes to all

    Honour and respect for Japan
    Love, Peace and serene certainty
    No more nuke-plants that hurt so much
    Hopefully not seen anywhere on the planet
    Now - that would be a cheering success



  • Love me Tender

    Yet another duet cover I sung with my friend Scarlet - Love me Tender!

    A heart warming duet I recorded last year with Scarlet! The paintings in the video were produced by the amazing artist L Richey.


    I thought of getting this up to the world for some that may have a tendency to spread peace these days, with all the sad news in the world and lost lives among families due to wars and natural disasters - this may be a reminder to love each other no matter what your difference may be!

    The video will be up shortly!


  • Amazing Anti-Bullying

    My sister was a red-head, I say "was" because now she colours her hair all the time, from total black to dark brown - and to all types of shades... recently for the past five years she has been somehow blondish... but I can't remember that she ever complaint that she was attacked because of her hair colour, but recently I have seen it happen a lot! Although we have a lot of red-heads in our family, especially from my mother side my children haven't that much of red in their hair but rather dark red like me, almost brown! Will they get attacked by morons like in this preventive commercial?

    Anti-Bullying ad

    "It's a commercial for a Swedish website about bullying. It's cute and heart-warming, shows how a small gesture can do so much, if only more kids were like this, in case you want to know the music playing, it's Granada, the song is called "Amazing it seems".

    Swedish Friends #1
    Anti-Bullying ad


  • What are your Christmas plans?

    Anyone already exhausted with all the silly shopping binge?

    Some people think we are weird because we dont give gifts to each other for Christmas, only on birthdays... why should people binge on commercial stuff to commemorate Jesus' birth? But when we do gather for Christmas dinner with family and friends everyone gets a home-made decorated envelope and everyone should put in a check or money for their favorite charity. We do that on December the 6th the day we put up the Xmas tree, and on the 24th we meet again for another dinner among family! Just as I was brought up, children in our family won't be materialistic and related religion with extravagant greed...

    Here's another song and another version of Ave Maria, sung and played on my synthesizer by yours truly!! The video's montage was made with a lot of patience by me!!

    This is to salute the woman that gave birth to Jesus, for Christmas...


    Ave Maria outdoors by Franz Schubert:
    VIDEO with the song:

    Schubert wrote almost 1000 works in a remarkably short career. The largest number (over 600) of these are songs. He wrote seven complete symphonies, as well as the two movements of the "Unfinished" Symphony, a complete sketch (with partial orchestration) of a ninth, and arguable fragments of a 10th. There is a large body of music for solo piano, including 21 complete sonatas and many short dances, and a relatively large set of works for piano duet.

    There are nearly 30 chamber works, including some fragmentary works. His choral output includes six masses. He wrote only five operas, and no concertos



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