These pictures are the result of a collage lesson I got from Nelly's online art-workshop. The main basic process is to use scraps you may find in your home, sprinkle it with some water, take snapshots with your camera as close as possible and manipulate a finish touch with some photoshop! As you may see, I used a bit of nature as well. I do hope you like it! ♥

evergreen 4hearts

Since most conifers are evergreens, the leaves of many conifers are long, thin and have a needle-like appearance, but others, including most of the Cupressaceae and some of the Podocarpaceae, have flat, triangular scale-like leaves. They are monoecious, subdioecious or (rarely) dioecious trees and shrubs from 1–116 m (3–379 ft) tall. The bark of mature trees is commonly orange- to red- brown and of stringy texture, often flaking or peeling in vertical strips, but smooth, scaly or hard and square-cracked in some species.