Over the head busy for the next few days to the end of July, here is why!!

birthday cake 2011

Today I baked my birthday cake for Tuesday, huge square one just like in this pix above but taller with five layers, it’s all done except for the decoration which I’m doing tomorrow.

Traditionally we never buy ready made cakes, and usually my mom does it, but she pours in too much sugar and cognac and my two children hate it!

Everything else will be served by the caterer – everything but the cake!! Big time-party; my sister is flying in from Italy for the occasion with the family, her husband and two of the kids are already here at the common cottage they usually rent when they come over, and the good news is, they will be staying until the end of July! Happy Summertime everyone!!

Here are some examples of the cake decoration but I’m not too sure what I will be doing … lots of fun with the kids…

Cake Decorating -
- Daisies My Way by Glenda Galvez

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