The worst school shooting: First of all my heart goes out to all the parents and family for losing their kids in such a horrendous way. I wanted to get this up yesterday but I couldn't stop crying, the good part was that my parents took care of my two kids while I shed all the tears on my husband's shoulder till it was totally soaked. It's so sad, there are no words to describe it all, it just broke my heart!

US capitol half-mast

As gunshots reverberated through an elementary school in Connecticut on Friday, children huddled in the corners and closets where desperate teachers had tried to hide them from the gunman who had invading their school.

Presently the question raises again: is it guns the problematic issue or it is the American societal uneasiness within the society whereas indoctrination is high with the mindset conveying that violence solves problems and guns gives you empowerment? What is seen on TV is generally in cop-shows are guns and violence, and in movies, and of course kids grow up with terribly violent videos. In Europe violence on TV is controlled and sexy movie is allowed, in North America it's the opposite... murderous scenes are absolutely public on every TV, movie and computer screen as well, I think that's a major brain-teaser. - if anyone know why let me know...


Should new gun-laws be changed?

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